Sala Thai Restaurant
36 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
Madison, WI 53714
(608) 246-1889
Dine-in and Take out

Reservations for parties of 6 or more
              is highly suggested​

*Closed Mondays*

Sunday & Saturday
Lunch: closed
Dinner: 5pm-9pm

Tuesday- Friday
Lunch: 11am-2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm-9pm

Welcome to the Sala Thai Restaurant!
Thai food represents an amalgam of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian influence, yet has a characteristic and distinctive Thai flavor and style.
Thailand with its tropical climate, rich agricultures, bountiful rivers, and seaside proximity, produces a tremendous array of foods. Thailand's food is a reflection of this as well as its rich religious and culture heritage. It is a healthful and slimming exotic cuisine that appeals to many of the senses and is both glamorous and delicious.
Through the use of subtle as well as highly aromatic and often fiery native herbs, grasses, and chilies, we offer an eating experience which we hope will bring you back again to discover new dishes. Typical Thai food is often very hot, but the degree of hotness can be modified according to individual taste.

A recommended balance for a Thai meal would be rice, a curry dish, soup, a stir-fried meal, and salad or appetizer.
For lunches, noodle dishes and salads are recommended.
Most Thais eat with a spoon in the right and fork in the left. Chopsticks, an adaption from Chinese, are often used with noodle dishes and are available on request.
Many of the recipes in your restaurant have been handed down from generation to generation verbally and will not be found in any cookbook. We feel this offers the Madison community a unique and exciting experience that will never be harnessed by any "fast-food franchise".
We sincerely hope you enjoy your meal and again welcome you to our Sala Thai !